now fortnight season 10 is coming to an end and if I am honest it was probably one of the worst seasons no because of the updates and things they did but just the fact that I had played this game too much over the past year really the game is practically dead some would say but it s seen this fortnight chapter 2 is either coming out soon or it s already out will this finally revive the game again you tell me now yes fortnight season 10 is gone and season 11 or now known as fortnight chapter 2 is coming out probably in the next few hours or it s actually already out but I want to talk about the possibility of this update reviving the game because I know a lot of you are wanting that and hope that this update does what we want now I can see why the game kind of died out just mainly because like me you have probably played the game to merge it snot dating but it s just the fact that there really is not any of the games that I would want to play especially with the fact that fortnight has a cross play and many other things like that it just allows you to play with anybody and have fun now the day that I m recording this is the 11th of October the same day that the first leak came out for fortnight chapter 2 this was on the Italian AppStore and as soon as this came out it made everyone a lot more height people already knew that a new map was possible but this leaked photo kind of confirmed it more the map we have been playing on has lasted two years now and it has gone stale and boring to the point that if four and I did not make a new map people would just go so I m hoping if fortnight s Chapter two is out right now you can tell me in the comments below that if there is a new map I will be hyped if there is not I m just going to go properly yeah but yeah people would just go and there is not really much point to give them money or anything anymore seniors they re just not listening to what we want now if we take a look at Google Trends we can really see how much this game died out from people searching it on things like YouTube yes it doesn’t t mean that the actual player base or anything has gone down but it just seems like people are fed up of watching the content or just fed up with the game in general tell me what you think in the comments now so far what has been leaked is the image which says four night chapter two with a new map and bows also new characters which I assume are just new default skins and that is basically all that the image contains now according to hype ex ninjas said that there will be a brand new you are which is just the menu design and things like that but of course ninja won t leak it as of yet anyway he might accidentally well I say accidentally might go and leak it anyway soon enough which means that ninja knows about the new season and maybe helping for night to hype it up the reason I say this is because both ninja and T food posted an Instagram post of the leaked image of four night chapter two and I think I remembered ninja tweeting now really hates leaks so the fact they is just gone and done it himself which makes me think that this is all for publicity and mainly to hype the season up which if that is real then it s really smart it also means that the fortnight to picture was actually meant to go out on the Italian App Store early and other things like that now whenever you are watching this video let it be just after the live event or as fortnight chapter 2 is dropping please tell me what you think at the moment I won t be able to play it straight away or watch the live event in game 2 I will be nice to sit through your guys comments telling me about the new season but that is really all I wanted to say if you did enjoy please leave a like on this video and if you are new then make sure to subscribe with that all said I will see in the next one thank you and goodbye.